Motorcycle Tours

Contact: Email for more information and availability. Please include a set of days and times that work for you, number of riders, and any special requests.  Distance and time aren’t set in stone and can be malleable considering your specific restraints.

St. Bernard Parish Motorcycle Tour

Description: Come ride with me through my home parish to visit historic sites, glide through tree groves, and swerve along bayous until the road stops.  We’ll make brief pit stops so you can hear about the parish’s rich history.  We’ll explore bloodied battlefields, colonial-era cemeteries, rustic refineries, old ruins, interactive museums, coastal fishing communities, Katrina-damage remnants, and a plethora of other unique landmarks in one of Louisiana’s most historic regions.

Estimated Time: 2.5-3 Hours

Distance: 55-60 miles  

Expect to see these sites:

… and so much more!

* All photos were taken by local St. Bernard photographer Rhett Pritchard.  His stunning work can be found here.

Cities of the Dead Motorcycle Tour

Description: Ride to five of the region’s most iconic and historic cemeteries positioned off the beaten path from tourists.  Riders will experience Metairie Cemetery, Greenwood Cemetery, St. Louis No. 2 Cemetery, St. Louis No. 3 Cemetery, St. Roch Cemetery, and Lafayette No. 1 Cemetery.  These centuries-old cemeteries highlight the region’s eclectic history by showcasing how different cultures, classes, races, religions, and ethnicities memorialize and celebrate their dead.

Estimated Time: 2.5-3 hours

Distance: c. 15 miles

Requirements: must have a motorcycle, a motorcycle license/endorsement, and a legal helmet.